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Several studies in chemical plants have shown that most of the contamination comes from leaks that have not been controlled or monitored. They are usually concentrated on flanged couplings, valves, hoses, etc. These leaks are called fugitive emissions.

In recent years attention to the environment has increased considerably and the problem of fugitive emissions has become one of the top priorities for the Chemical Industry.

The natural consequence is technicians require better sealing systems to improve the reliability and safety of their plant. A key element in sealing systems is obviously the gasket.

The gasket is a deformable element made of different materials which, when tightened between two pieces (the flanges), prevents the loss of liquids and gases. This action is carried out by the establishment of a tensional state, generated by a previous deformation that occurs in the hardening phase.

One of the main characteristics of the joint is its deformability, which compensates for surface imperfections and differences in tolerance of the elements that come into contact. The pressure generated by the tensioning of the joint must be high enough to eliminate possible defects in the sealing system. 

Boards, Joints and Gaskets

Generally the meetings could be grouped into three different families:


- Ring Joint Gaskets
- Kammprofile RTJ (inc. Special Alloys)
- Custom CNC Joints


- Spirometallic (Inc. Special alloys)
- Kammprofile
- Flat gaskets in different materials
- PTFE Envelope Gaskets
- Metal Jacketed
- Melaloplastics
- Corrugated 
- Rubber & Steel


- Elastomers (EPDFM, NBR, Viton etc)
- Cardboard (asbestos-free)
- Flexible Graphite

Complementary Products

- Isolation Kit Gaskets
- ASME / Chevron Line Spacers
- Pipe Leak Clamps
- Clamp-on Heating Jackets


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